Tell me what I want, what I really really want // Spicegirls!

3:38 PM

Unfortunately, when the Spice Girls where the most powerful girl band in the world, and when all the teenagers wanted to look like them, and when juicy colours, sequins, platforms and crop tops were so IN I.. was born (*Mom why couldn't you just simply give me life few years earlier that I could sing 'Wannabe' in the kinder garten?! Or, or, or.. MOOOOM*). S yeah, basically I'm a 90s child who has never actually experienced the 90s vibe (as long as we can name being a 3-year-old-young-lady and smiling all the time 'experiencing'). But no one has to explain me the idea of crop tops. I was a little child and I remeber my mum mumbling in the car when we were going somewhere 'ouch, I would never ever let my child wear crop jacket in the winter, it is like killing the girl's health and bones and everything!' and I was like 'yeah, mum' and thinking how much I would love to wear that kind of top. But it was rather strange for a primary school girl to wear crop tops.

Now there is another huge crush on them, it has started like two years ago and I can literally see girls everywhere wearing crop tops, showing the whole world how free and young they are. And I would love to do the same if only I could feel not so timid, like showing my belly to everybody when there isn't anything to brag about (SORRY, I love ice cream, okay?!) (right, I work out a lot and I kinda stick to my healthy diet but still.. I'm totally not Anja Rubik, end of the story). 

ph. Ania Dalidutko, wearing: Zara shoes, sunglasses & sweater, outlet jeans + DIY

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  1. podoba mi się bardzo,:) buty są cudowne i nadają wyrazistosci całego looku :P

  2. skąd są buty? :)

  3. 'I was bored'? Mysle, ze mialas na mysli cos innego

  4. Nie dosc ze buzia krzywa to edytowane to wsystko w jakims lightroomie lub innym photoshopie. Realnie to to jest kosmita...

    1. Nie mam Photoshopa :D tylko photo scape do regulacji światła/nasycenia/jasności etc.


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