Clothing crush of the day - Stella McCartney's oxford shoes

11:45 AM

These are not one of these you'll buy and look at them, standing gracefully on a shelve in your room. Stella McCarney does it better - this is what I would call all of her amazing pieces, which are, every season, on the top of my list I'd buy it if I were awfully wealthy and famous, which is not likely to happen but still, I want it. If I think of my beloved city - London, and I think about men like Sting, the lyrics of Englishman in New York and Burberry trench I always imagine a man - trurly handsome one, of course - wearing a suit, printed bow-tie and a pair of oxford shoes. Platform brouges, this is what they're called on I tell you, now when we're all so in love with wearing colourful sneakers, and Karl Lagerfeld even does some for Chanel (looking quite NewBalancey, just sayin') here comes the time for Stella's oxfordies on a platform.

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  1. These shoes are just awesome!! I love them xo

  2. brzydkie są :P no ale skoro komuś się to podoba... ale klasyczne oxfordy, czy brogues jak najbardziej okay :)


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