Roller skater

10:23 PM

This is one of the things that've been on my 'Before I die' (vel. 'As long as I'll be running a blog', haha, yep, fashion bloggers are weird) list since I can remember - to do a photoshoot in some vintage rotifers. I love every kind of sport (well, almost every, let's be honest, volleyball is some kind of a nightmare or something, but let's not discuss this awful disipline on my blog) and I can't imagine my life without evening running sessions, crazy zumba classes, bike rides through my town or morning squats. The truth is, I much prefer rollerblades to rotifers, I find them much more comfy and I simply love them. But the thing is.. they're not thay pretty, right?! And we're supposed to talk about pretty, about beautiful things around us, especially on a blog (who whants ugly pictures on his personal site? Who?. So here I am, in a 90s inspired look (what do you think about this tatoo choker? I personally got addicted to this recently!), skating like a crazy in the middle of my hometown.  Looking at the pictures, I spotted that all the colours match perfectly: white, red and blue on, both, clothes and rollers. Enjoy your last summer days buddies! Xx

(ph. Ania Dalidutko, wearing: no name skirt, vintage Tshirt (my brother's)

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  1. Świetne nogi! *,*

  2. nie za krótka ta kieca?

    1. Zamawiana przez internet to i tak wyszło ;) ale co tam, cieszę się wakacjami jeszcze!

  3. Rewelacyjne, pozytywne zdjęcia ! Super, jestem pod wrażeniem *.*

    pozdrawiam serdecznie i zapraszam do siebie :)

  4. Super cute photoshoot! Your outfit is killer and so is your hair <3

  5. Świetny stój :). Pochwal się, gdzie znalazłaś takie cuda, bo na mojej liście "before I die" także są ważnym podpunktem ;)

  6. Wyglądasz świetnie, piszesz też świetnie, ;*
    widać jak się rozwijasz, trzymam za Ciebie kciuki i myślę że zajdziesz daleko ;)


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