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I've always had tremendous issues with dressing up in winter. Yep, I'm definitely a summer girl and am unable to look stylish and feel warm at the same time. At least I'm trying to. So every year when snow and low temperature loom large on the horizon, I become so stressed out about the winter shopping, I never can find something acceptable both for me and my parents (who obviously need to pay for the stuff) and end up wearing sneakers and my mum's autumn (not very thick though) coat. I've literally visited every shop (as every year) and was on the edge of crying and shouting in the middle of the shopping centre, but fortunately I've found the shoes and the coat I love & feel cosy in (soon on the blog, stay updated!). I decided that maybe some of you are also looking for some winter coats since they literally ARE the look we're wearing during those frosty days. Tell me if you like my picks! I have to mention - I wanted to buy a baby blue oversize coat lat year and also this season but I can't find the perfect one - it's either too big, made of a low quality material or far too expensive. Any hints?
1. Zara / 2. Bershka / 3. H&M

So I love the coats in the shape of the first one but I haven't bought mine yet. And there's nothing better than pastels on the coats! These were in all the fashion shows, simply making our grey reality more colourful and happier.
1. / 2. Zara / 3. Mango

If you don't really wanna go for pastels I advise you to give beiges a go. I'm a huge carmel lover this season (not only as a syrup in my coffe hehe), both on the faux furs and oversize, blanket coats.
1. Reserved / 2. Bershka

Last but not least, here you have the option for those who prefer more sporty style. I love this kind of sheepskin coat (first one) but since I have some weird feeling for 90s aesthetics (which started last summer) I would also like to war a denim coat from time to time.

Tell me if you like any of them and what you like wearing in winter!

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  1. Ten niebieski z H&M jest śliczny <3


  3. Cudowny ten szlafrokowaty płaszcz z Mango :)
    Tak ostatnio kończy się mój każdy pobyt w centrum handlowym- jak wspominałaś chęcią do płaczu


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