Detox time!

8:51 PM

There are moments of my life when I'm leading a perfect life of a super duper healthy girl & am constantly making my friends mad with my "well, I won't eat that, touch a sweet cookie or even go wait for classes with you at McDonald's cause I CAN'T STAND THE SMELL" (actually, this particular fact doesn't change - I've never even eaten a McDonald's burger, if you were interested) but there are times when I'm like... "why am I supposed to care anyways?". 

Sooner or later, I always end up coming back to my natural healthy habits. And even if I don't want this blog to become one of those transformed because of the fit mania, I thought why not to share few of my latest detox tips? 

You know what, I've read a zillion of times about juices detox and I wanted to give it a go, since I had two weeks off school (using the past tense while writing this hurts almost physically). I woke up one day and was like "hey, maybe I'll survive a day drinking only smoothies?!" Yeah. Great, have a nice life.

So I went down to prepare my daily dose of oatmeal when I realised that oatmeal is actually NOT a smoothie. Ooops. When I don't have an oatmeal in the morning (which is like, very rarely, extreme conditions only) I'm super mad. And hungry. and everything. Okay, calm down, I went to the local supermarket and bought veggies and fruits. 
I've prepared all five smoothies and while mixing them all ate an orange and licked a bit of each and every smoothie that I forgot about an oatmeal. But I took my first smoothie (which you can see on a picture above) and drunk it all. Yum.

I told my mum I was going to survive a day drinking (originally it should be three days but who cares). She told me she's making one of my favourite meals today. Thanks mom, love ya!
The green one is my real favourite, I can have it every day. Don't be sidetracked by my recepies - I actually add there everything I think may suit and it is spinach which makes it so green.
And the last flavour I prepared only one jar was rather a dessert - sweet, made of fruits only. Perfect when you're craving some unhealthy sugars.

Looks like a perfect plan? So yeah. I didn't manage. And I know I could but in the afternoon I felt like "woah, you always told yourself to be healthy, not to become sick out of this all! So go prepare yourself something yet fit but diffrent!". I know detox is about not eating much and cleansing your body of all the toxins but limits aren't for me. I love cream soups so I made one for dinner that day (and obviously ate it for three more days, hehe, I'm the only one at home who could eat it all the time). Carrots are my favourite 'fast foods', I'm used to having them rare at school, baking them in the oven or blending into soups.

I feel like I'll give detox another try very soon. Maybe this weekend? I'll let you know on my social media how it went! For now, let me know int he comments if you'd like to read more of those here :)

PS. Pisałam całość po angielsku z racji na to, że treśc jest raczej prosta i zrozumiała, a upychanie dwóch wersji pojedyńczych zdań raczej bez sensu :) W każdym razie dajcie znać jak wolicie czytać!

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  1. Ugh... "pojedyŃczych" XD

  2. proszę po polsku :) z wykształcenia jestem filologiem, znam 2 języki obce biegle, ale nie jest wśród nich język angielski, a lubię tu zaglądać, więc dopóki nie osiągnę Twojego poziomu, wolę po polsku. Pozdrawiam:)

    1. Ojej, ale mi miło, w takim razie muszę zawsze zamieszczać również tekst po polsku! :)

  3. Nie myślałaś o tym, żeby wykupić własną domenę?

    1. Myślałam, ale ciągle odkładam prace techniczne nad blogiem, bo wymagają one nakładów finansowych ;) potrzebuję kogoś, kto mi ogarnie porządnie szablon i tak, wykupi domenę, bo chcę żeby to było profesjonalne :)


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