I wanna feel like a woman again

5:14 PM

I have a thing for tutlenecks. And tulle skirts. I just wake up my inner Carrie Bradshaw from time to time and wear this deep blue skirt. It happens quite few and far between, but, paradoxically, when I'm in "I have nothing to wear" mood while people usually tend to put on their easiest to style plain tops and comfy jeans in that kinda situation. Well, it seems I just like to change my style on a daily basis and it's typical of me to go to school in a sparkling, eye-catching set while looking like a Gandalf mixed with Kanye West on a party (sorry I'm not sorry, Gandalf is my ultimate home-fashion icon). I guess this brown'n'gold turtleneck will be my ultimate favourite this season, can't wait to show it to you without all those heavy furs and dark tights!
PS. I dono what's up to me, I'm in this weird state of school year when I just learn, meet my besties (hey, it's the year of coming-into-adulthood parties every week!), workout and barely sleep. Add some photoshootings, thathre and guitar classes and you know what I mean - I just edit the pictures and post it for you, so don't be mad about the weak quality of the text. Talk to you soon!

(wearing: H&M shoes & skirt, sh turtleneck)

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