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Okay, this is propably the most stupid post ever but well, it's Kardise's birthday week and as long as I'm concerned I can post anything I want here so... let just not comment the selfie, okay? Okay (hihi, The Fault in Our Stars freak), the heavy rain ruined my shooting plans and I just couldn't take the princess-y, dreamy pics I wanted to post today. Well, weather happens..

I didn't consider any other option - D has always stood for dreams for me. On one hand I'm aware of the fact that inspiring quotes saying things like the world is your oyster or everything is up for those who really want are pointless, but on the other, through all my life I've been a dreamer. I mean, sometimes, when I really don't want to do something, I try to think about its consequences for my future. I find motivation in writing essays by telling myself it'll help me be a better journalist, I learn the basics of the polish law for the Social Studies just to imagine myself judging Dolce & Gabbana duet (lol, creepy alert). I've always been a doer, not one of those people lounging around their beds, eating chocolate and thinking they'll be wealthy, pretty and famous. But the truth is, sometimes you do your utmost and still you don't achieve as much as those who were born rich or were just lucky.

And this is why I love to sit and imagine. I mean, I scroll tumblr, watch movies, follow people from the fashion industry on their social media accounts (I mean, creepy alert vol.1324) and start to plan my little path to taste just a bit of their lifes, to find my place in this world. I dream albout places I've never been to and fashion shows I've never attended. And this is a weird but true part of myself, which is also a part of my blog. I try to show you just by the way I'm smiling or looking powerful in the pictures to persue your goals and find a passion worth fighting for. Even if you'll end up posting an old selfie and writing motivational speech, propably the worst one that has been ever written.

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