Sunflowers on my skirt because the sun is up

11:36 PM

So I don't really know where to start from but well... London's been so hot these days that all the people went crazy, they even closed the tube and I was like the happiest person ever (it's summer you folks, it's supposed to be warm! )and I had an occasion to finally use my fave short skirts and sunglasses. We took those pictures near the place we stayed for a night after moving out in the middle of the night (hello there London stories!) because of being cheated, like for the thousand time since our arrival in the UK. It sometimes feels weird to even think for a sec about being back home and knowing everyone and every place and feeling familiar with prices at the shops (like, seriously, how much can you even pay for a youghurt?) but then I kinda want to continue the hectic life of a citizen. And even if it means having hummus sandwich for dinner everyday and working at the weekends, I'm quite fine. There's so much to be dicovered here that I don't even have time to sleep. I'm just taking pictures, meeting strangers and watching the girls with Chanel bags (for whom I react like the most stupid way possible, cheers to the lady who helped me with finding a bus stop the other day, I've almost touched my dreamed Chanel Boy(friend) hanks to you, lol).

(wearing: H&M skirt, zara skirt, Pimkie shoes)

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