Camden Town perfect jeans

3:25 PM

Coming to London I've heard people saying that this city is perfect for shopping, it's quite cheap and of course, they sell basically everything. But somehow, I couldn't make myself to go to busy Oxford Street to face up to all those tourists carrying Primark and H&M bags and being, let's be honest, rude when you kindly want to persue going through all the clothes in the shop. However, there are so many other places I love going (cheeky sneak peek on what kind of posts are coming up on the blog soon hihi), even to feel their vibe and relish every little hidden shop and talking to people selling the stuff and, well, what can I say, I'm just hibernating myself with the lond-ish ambience haha. These pictures where shot in Camden Town, one of the must visit spots if you happen to be in the city. You have that East London atmosphere there, crazy people and if you continue going stainght on, you'll bump into the best food place ever - Camden Food Market, where (no exaggerations) you'll buy every dish you could possibly imagine. And yeah, vintage shops! The outfit I'm wearing is all no name, which is exacly what I've been looking for for such a long time. The jumper was a treasure found in Notting Hill little shop with original local brans stuff being sold there, and the shoes & jeans became my faves just a minute after trying them on in one of vintage Camden spots. For me clothes should have their story, I feel so much better knowing where I bought every piece I have, it's like having memories worn on your own body, isn't it?

(wearing: vintage jeans, shoes & jumper, Primark bag)

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  1. Fantastyczne buty, uwielbiam! Ładny miejski zestaw, jest szyk.

  2. Super to wyglada.Też mam tak ze jak kupię jakiś ciuch za granicą w lumpeksach itd. to wywołuje u mnie fajne wspomnienia.Najgorsze w tym ze ciężko mi się wtedy tych wspomnień pozbyć ( If you know what I mean :P ).

  3. super! bardzo ładne zdjęcia :)

  4. Wyglądasz jakoś zupełnie inaczej na zdjęciach niż do tej pory, nie wiem co powoduje u mnie to odczucie :)
    Świetne spodnie :)

  5. Świetny strój!!


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