Millenium bridge

1:42 PM

Whoever had a proper childhood and watched Harry Potter movies knows that place - Millenium Bridge. This is one of my three favourite areas in London (a.k.a. the most beautiful city in the world), where you can have the best view on st. Paul's cathedral, pop in to see some great artpieces in Tate Modern and have a walk by Thames riverside (recommended at night). Hovewer, shooting pictures there was harder than I expected - so many people passing by all the time that a minute when there was nobody in the background could be called a miracle. I feel a bit touristy wearing that Notting Hill Shopping bag everybody buys on Portobello Market, but since I'm a Notting Hill gurl, who cares? It still is the comfiest way to throw all my stuff in a huge shopper, including a camera, used tissues, four lipsticks and a lunch, just to eat it with a view on Tower Bridge and business skysrapers. 

(wearing: DeeZee shoes, bought on Portobello Road market bag, Mohito sunnies, Atmosphere dress)

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