Grey midi coat

10:25 PM

Me buying a perfect winter coat is like an endless story. I've always wanted a long, beige coat but couldn't find one anywhere. Eventually I ended up going for this grey midi-length Mango coat but I'm still not quite sure if I want to keep it. I bought it online that's why I didn't know if it's gonna fit me. Anyways, I feel like grey, blue jeans & pinnk is a perfect combination, neutral but definetely not boring at all :) Oh and by the way, I decided I want to play it a bit nerdy these days so I'm wearing my glasses more often than I used to, tell me if you like it xx

(wearing: Nike Huarache sneakers, Mango coat, vintage jeans, sh tutleneck sweater)

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  1. Super wyglądasz w oksach, koniecznie noś często!


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