Instagram summer pics recap

12:28 PM

Me eating stolen peanuts at Five Gus
(just joking, they're just a part of restauran's decor)

I have absolutely no idea why I haven't shared with you this pictures yet. From time to time I tend to look through my old pictures and feel like oh my, I should definetely be sharing a lot more on the blog. But I don't. And it makes me realise how often do I fall into lounging about, not having any particular goal to achieve the certain day. Coming back to the subject, aesthetics is something of paramount importance for me, so even though these pics recap are some of my faves took with the phone last summer (it's December now, not to mention... :D), I still believe they represent myself in a special wai. It's like, I care about the blog obviously but Instagram is more like creating your own story using square moments. Who doesn't love THAT?
1. "You look so perfect standing there in your AA underwear!" / 2. Me having first but not last frappuccino that summer / 3. I love vintage furniture shops / 4. Goji berries tea & banana bread w/ friend at fave caffee in Portobello / 5. Notting Hill being the prettiest!

1. Typically photographing sky on the plane / 2. Notting Hill, the place where I belonged / 3. True that! / 4. I ended up taking pictures of juices even, like, srsly gurl?

1. Me being overexcited with the price of soya milk in London / 2. That pic was taken when I lost my 2nd job and was in misery, looking for any other and at one cool caffee two girls told me they're too small to hire anyone but gave me a little cronut to make me smile / 3. Bankside / 4. Portobello Road

1. Blue tables are so instagrammable / 2. Having a scary ride in Brigton / 4. Went to see Les Miserables, which I dreamed about through my whole life basically
1. Tried to dye my hair in blue / 2. Covent Garden covered in balloons / 3. #musthave / 4. Doing laundry

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