Wear sparkles all day long like you don't care

8:05 PM

I know you propably think I look a bit overdressed but let's pretend I've recently watched too many fashion week outfits and m into this 'fashion is fun so let's play it' mood. I remember how much I loved this dress the moment I bought it one year ago and honestly, in my personal Favourite Items ranking sequins will always be one of the ultimate go-to pieces. Dressing up to feel more empowered is the reason why I opted for this outfit for my last photoshoot (you don't wanna know how bad last couple of weeks were. Seriously.). So be crazy. Don't fear to stand out. Wear a party dress with a casual bomber jacket. Who cares?

(Mohito dress, Zara shoes, sh jacket)

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  1. piękna cekinowa kiecka ;) mam podobną :)

  2. Kurtka jak na ziemniaki, sukienka ktora widzieliśmy juz milion razy .... Beznadzieja

    1. Była na blogu tylko raz i to ponad rok temu ;)


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