Almost there

2:21 PM

I swear I'm gonna go to the party right after I take my last exam. No matter it'll be like midday, I still have to wind down as soon as this whole nightmare finishes. And then on, I'm going to sleep the whole day and finally come back here. I know, I've been bad. So I thought I need to post at least those few pics we took on Sunday just to remind you I'm alive. Sort of. Not really. Well... 

Gotta go

sh one-piece and coat, shoes bought in a random shop in Camden Town/Lndn
ph. Paweł

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  1. Ślicznie 😍

  2. Mogę wiedzieć gdzie te zdjęcia były robione? Śliczne tło <3

  3. Być może to głupie pytanie, ale gdzie chodzisz do fryzjera? Masz tak piękne włosy <3


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