White corridor

3:05 AM

This is what my corridor looks like. This (and the view from my window) were propably rhe reasons why I immediately were excited about moving in there, no matter the dirty florr and lack of space in the warderobe. We took these pictures last week, just before my best weekend in London so far. I guess I really needed two days off, with dances, parties and wine sipped near the river, watching the sunrise. This is why I'm young and keep coming back to the city I love with all my heart - to emrance every littl emoment and enjoy time I don't spend working. Hope you like the vision we creared woth the book that I've been obsessed about to get - This Modern Love by Will Darbyshire!

ph. PARK
(wearing: Zara top, sh vest, vintage Rokit jeans, Nike shoes)

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