Warsaw by night

1:59 PM

I guess my fascination with big cities, their vibe, their underground culture and cool unattended spots is developing quite well. I still feel like I know more about London than Warsaw (propably because it's does not differ that much from the town I come from, hey, we're still in Poland!) but since this is the place I'm located in right now, I'm trying to experience it on all the levels (let's pretend its mostly the educational one, heheh). So above spending time with people, getting to know more people and trying different types of, kinda nasty, drinks, I also wanted to show you guys a little bit of Warsaw by night. There is something super special about its hustle&bustle, walkers mingling around and red-and-yellow buses. For the past year Vetements has been as if the most popular streetwear brand of 'em all and they probably had some serious influence on myself as well, given that I've been obsessed with baggy jumpers and puffer jackets recently (come on! puffer jackets?! My mum tried to force me to wear one of those throughout my whole life and I never gave her that satisfaction until now, lol). So the one I'm wearing was borrowed and is totally vintage and I immediately knew it would match this location combined wth fishnet tights (kinda daring, kinda cute) and leather skirt. I hope you guys like the pics xx

ph. Ola
wearing: vintage blouse, Mohito skirt, Zara shoes

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