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7:57 AM

Woah. It really feels like I grew to rather write my thoughts in my calendar or discuss them over a pint of cider with my friends than share them here. Seems weird. Kinda mature as well, I must say. So where do I begin with? Oh, let's try it that way: I bought this jumper in the Design Museum in Copenhagen las month, on Valentine's Day (gotta get myself a treat, apparently I am the person I love the most rn) (just kidding, I'm just trying to be funny) simply because I'm not superficial at all and I love when my clothes say something tricky and totally weird so I figured out I need another Local Heroes statement piece in my wardrobe. Especially when it's on a sale and the discount code is 'SELFLOVE'. Another thing is, we were shooting with Jacek, the day after we partied together, seeing each other for the second time in our lives. He came to Warsaw especially for the shoot and I was the one to come up with the idea of taking the pictures in the Neon Museum. If you know me or follow my social media you must be aware of my love for the neons (dear future husband, our living room will be another Neon Museum, so be prepared) so I was like yeah whoop neons neons neons *snaps 1384891 pics*.

What I also learnt recently is that you never know when you'll meet people full with passion and willingness to create something, or help you in some fields. So never say no to a party, open up to the others. As hard as it may seem, it helps. I know, I love the people I'm surrounded with already and I don't need any more  c l o s e  friends. I guess it's called a comfort zone. But from time to time (after too many shots, usually) I bump into someone and then I get to gain some opportunities or simply a nice person to talk to sometimes. And here we are, went to the party one night accidentally and finished with a photoshoot I'm really satisfied with. How superficial of me!

wearing: Local Heroes jumper & socks, Zara shoes & pants
ph. Agnieszka

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  1. Świetne zdjęcia!
    Btw na jaki kurs aplikowałaś do Londynu?

    1. na kilka, wszystkie związane z pr, communication i marketingiem :)


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