Berlin diary

11:05 AM

Hi everyone, shall I say we heaven't seen each other for a while? No? Okay.

So I've been working. And meeting people. And studying, making life-meaning decisions, planning trips and turning plans reality. Sounds cheesy? I know.
I haven't even publish on my blog's birthday, which used to mean a lot for me in the past, but let me say - I do enjoy making videos a lot these days. And, try as I might, you cannot really do everything at once, can you?
I sometimes feel like I should post something but then I realize it's not good enough. This crazy stupid pressure for something to be good enough actually makes you do nothing or share nothing unless you forget about it for a minute and enjoy the things you used to enjoy A LOT.

(Sony Centre, Potsdamer Platz. I regret it wasn't dark yet when we've seen it but still - colorful lights and palms on point)

So yay, I've been to Berlin with two of my friends and yet to say, I'm now sipping on a third coffee today pretending I'm almost about to start learning this freakin' boring roman law *gasp*. This seems like a perfect time to share with you jus a few pictures from our stay there which I totally loved. I've never been to Germany and as much as I love West London vibes I knew Berlin would be a place a bit similar, edgy, cool and engaging. We've experiences very welcoming and kind-hearted people, beer drinking game, we were offered to buy weed on the street and lied on the grass full of flowers. But what's more, I've realized how historic Berlin is, how much of what I've studied at school is to be seen there, how you can still spot the differences between the certain areas in the city itself.

(blue walls + me = inseparable couple)

(Kuba & Ola outside Berlinsche Galerie, where we sat for an hour taking pictures and laughing)

I have a thing with street art and colorful walls but also I enjoy people. Wherever I go, I always try to meet them and talk to them and it's just so great to hear about their adventures. This was also my first time staying at couchsurfing so I'm probably going to talk about this a bit more on my YouTube (as soon as I pass all those exams, ugh).
I hope you'll like the pics and that you missed me (lol XD) AND I'll try to take some real fash pics soon, xx.


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