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11:34 AM

Hot days filled with cold drinks are my absolute fave. I'm talking iced coffee, iced tea, iced juices, smoothies, cider, like - I'm obsessed with ice. Not to mention I cannot force myself to get back into studying mode (and keep inventing new cold drinks lol), but to all of us taking finals now - it's just a few weeks more and we'll all be free for the whole time of holidays, let's keep that in mind.

I personally can't wait for the upcoming months since I have some traveling/work-related/university-changing plans and it thrills me so much I sometimes avoid thinking about it. But hey, here I am, with some vintage-y pictures I may not be totally happy about (not a model body as I am) but on the other hand felt like I should update it over here at least from time to time. Oh, and the shoes? I wore them for the first time that day and as long as they are quite... weird (?) there's something I love about fake fur on basic slip-ons.
ph. Ola
(wearing: Primark shoes, vintage top & skirt, H&M top)

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