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9:53 PM

 So I ended up working for the summer in Copenhagen. I mean, if everything goes with the plan I'm gonna study the thing I've aways wanted to study in the city I've always wanted to study starting in September, so what do I have to loose? I guess this is my way of meeting different culture, seeing the real ambience of the city and talking to locals - living there for a while, making some money to afford another adventure and, uhm, I must admit I love it so far. It's small, quiet, not crowded (usually), you can go basically everywhere on the bike since you have the paths everywhere, you have the seaside, the canals, friendly people speaking english fluently, what else is there to ask for?

A few days ago, in between some of my interviews, we went with Ola to the Olympus creative exhibition and took those pictures (you know how much I love neons and any other type of lights) so it was definitely fun. We got the cameras, SD cards and played around in space prepared especially for photography lovers.

wearing: Zara dress
ph. Ola

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  1. Wow! Co za zdjęcia. Magia się tu dzieje :)
    Super wyglądasz :)


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