10:37 PM

Livin' in Copenhagen way for a month was (still is - I have like 5 more days here as I'm writing this) an awesome idea. Besides the fact I work a lot (a lady gotta make her own money to be able to spend it later on crazily expensive London accommodation), I feel like everything is so chill and relaxed here, the weather sucks but still you can breathe that fresh and clean air (I mean it - I seriously can feel the difference between that and Warsaw) and meet so many cool people literally everywhere. It's super international as well which I love. And speaking about that, Superkillen is one of my favorite places in CPH - combined of objects from all around the world is one of the most creative and fun open-air facilities I've ever seen, especially in the summertime. Michał and I did our best to take some pictures without using my usual lens since I broke them in Budapest, so I hope you'll like it.

ph. Michał
wearing: Mohito skirt, no name jacket, vintage top

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  1. świetnie wyglądasz. Bardzo podoba mi się takie połączenie.

    Zapraszam do mnie w wolnej chwili :)


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