It all started in May 2012. I know that I was propably late but I didn't know anything, just anything about fashion blogs. I stepped on some lifestyle ones by mistake a few times and then started to think about creating my own. At first I was just writing about everything that happened each day, nothing special or particularly interesting - my daily routine, uploading photos with my friends and favourite music. But then I discovered many girls who shared their love to fashion and I did the same. Since then there wasn't ANY, just A N Y day without thinking about Kardise. It took me about three months to get to the conclusion that I should create something more on my blog than just writing brands of the clothes I am wearing. I have always loved writing but I didn't even think about showing that passion too. So I did it together - every time I prepered an outfit post, I also wrote some, less or more interesting, articles. My dear readers started to enjoy that, and I fell in love with blogging.

I'm quite imaginative so since I was a little child I would close my eyes and think that I'm somewhere else, doing things I wanted to (in that time it was propably eating all the chocolate cookies at the sweets shop or buying a hundred of Barbie dolls). I thought it would be nice to write about some of my dreams here in a funny way. 

My blog is a kind of a fairytale. A story about a normal girl, student and daughter who isn't always serious and well, just enjoys the moment I guess. I usually look for clothes in my grandma's wardrobe and second hand shops.  I love haute couture. I'm fascinated with the fact that I propably won't ever touch any of these works of art but I still admire that part of the industry as well. I'm not really good at posing and at first I didn't even have a camera (my mobile phone wasn't the best way, but I had to take pictures with something...). But I know that photos are very important on blogs, I mean, you have to show what you're talking abot, right? So I kept asking everyone "Would you like to take a picture of me? Please, just one!" Then I got to know some people who love photography, we became friends and work together as often as possible.

And what does Kardise mean? It's a connection between my name, Karolina, and the word 'paradise'. Why? Honestly I was looking for the name for ages and my best friend came up with Kardise. I didn't know what to think about it but every time I was trying to find another name I was thinking about Kardise. I really liked it, although I don't think my blog is a paradise (rather few NONwise thoughts of an equally NONwise girl).

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